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Bonnie Wright Stills
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Stylesheet by nightingails

Welcome to bonniestills. Each week a new challenge will be posted. Sometimes you will have to use the given pictures and sometimes you will have a gallery to choose from. Every so often special rounds will be held. You will have 7 days to enter the challenge, and then voting will be posted and will be open for about 4.RULES
01. This is a stills community, so no animation.
02. You must use your own work. No using graphics from tumblr.
03. The icons must be new, made for this challenge. You may not reuse old icons.
04. You may submit up to 5 icons.
05. You may not post the icons anywhere until results have been posted.
06. Textures/blending/etc. are allowed.
07. You must use the provided images, unless otherwise stated.
08. You may not vote for yourself or ask people to vote for you. You are welcome to invite people to vote, however.
Saturday-challenge closes
Sunday-challenge posted
Sunday-voting posted
Wednesday-winners posted
Wednesday-reminder posted