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14 October 2011 @ 09:41 pm

Hey guys! Just remind you that Challenge 13 ends tomorrow Saturday Oct 15 at 11:59 PM CST. We only had one person submit so far. ;--;

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08 October 2011 @ 08:19 pm

Hey guys! I'm extending Challenge 09 to October 15th at 11:59 PM CST since we only 1 person submit entries.

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04 October 2011 @ 06:40 pm

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03 October 2011 @ 08:47 pm

Hey guys! You still have another week [October 8th 11:59 PM CST] till Challenge 13 closes. We have 0 entries so far, so I would love to see more by the end of the week.

30 September 2011 @ 09:21 pm

We need some more votes for Challenge 12, so please vote if you have the time.

Vote here.

25 September 2011 @ 09:23 pm
01. You may use any effects (blending, textures,etc.) except for animation.
02. You must submit your own work.
03. Icons must be new, and specifically for this challenge. No reusing icons.
04. Use only the images provided.
05. Images may be reused. You also do not have to use all of the images.
06. You may submit up to 5 icons.
07. You may not share or post your icons anywhere until voting is completed.
08. icons must be 100x100 and fit lj standards.
09. you can change your entries before voting goes up, just delete the previous entry.
10. When submitting, post the url with the icon.

This week you can use any picture from the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Tokyo Press Conference. Just click the picture to view the gallery!

Due Date: Saturday, October 8 @ 11:59 PM CST
Entries/Participants: 05/01
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25 September 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Thanks to everyone who entered! I know it's a really busy time of year, so we appreciate your participation. :D

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21 September 2011 @ 02:50 pm

Don't forget to enter Challenge 12-it closes on Saturday, September 24.

We've got ten entries by two participant so far, so we definitely need more entries!

Enter here.

17 September 2011 @ 07:43 pm

First Place: lauraelizabeth9
Second Place: lauraelizabeth9
Third Place: lauraelizabeth9
Fourth Place: jenmixelle
Mod's Choice: jenmixelle

Best Crop: jenmixelle
Best Color: lalonde
Most Creative: jenmixelle

Congrats to the winners!
17 September 2011 @ 05:39 pm

Extending Challenge 12-it will now close on Saturday, September 24.
We've got one participant so far, so we definitely need more entries!
Enter here.